Water Remediation Westborough, MA.

For over 20 years, Northeast Water Remediation Inc. has been providing our water, fire & mold restoration services to residents of Westborough, MA. We are headquartered in Westborough, so we are able to provide our cleanup services effieciently and quickly. We understand the emotional toll these emergency situations can cause, which is why we pride our selves with getting to you as quickly as possible.

All of our technicians are highly knowledgable in all three types of damage cleanup services we provide. When we get to your location we instantly know what time of damage has been done and can inform you of how severe it is. In regards to water damage, our technicians can inform you of what categorie the damage falls under, the best way to clean it, as well as providing preventive measures. Just as well as for fire damage, our team will assess what type of fire occured and the best way to restore your home to look good as new.

For mold, we have our own inspection team that we partner with that will tell us the mold that is present in your home. WIth that information, our team will garner the necessary tools to get rid any presence of mold. Our team are the best in the business when it comes to getting rid of unwanted mold.

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