Water Damage & Extraction.

Initial Steps to Take Immediately

You should take 2 precautionary steps to ensure the least amount of damage is done, and for the safety of the people living in your home. First, shut off your main water valve to prevent any additional water damage. Secondly, shut off your main circuit breakers to prevent the risk of electrocution. If you are unable to access your main circuit breakers, contact your electric company immediately. Do not endanger yourself or your family after a water event. Keep children and pets away. Try to protect yourself from water related hazards.
The need for Northeast Water Remediation, Inc. can occur when you least expect it. As flood damage specialists, we understand water damage is a major contributor to the loss of property. Northeast Water Remediation, Inc. cleanup and restoration services protect you.

Home and business owners use our services at other times as well. Water intrusions from roofs, windows and pipe breaks can let a tremendous amount of water in your home and business very fast. It is not uncommon for these things to happen in the absence of the owner. So even slow leaks can build up to a great deal of water.