Restore Your Sopping Wet Workplace to Its Former Beauty

Let us handle your water damage remediation in Marlborough, Westborough or Framingham, MA

If your work facility catches on fire, an effective sprinkler system will be essential in saving it. However, once the fire is put out, the water damage remediation process will begin. That's where the pros at Northeast Water Remediation, Inc. come in.

Count on our licensed crew to provide efficient water damage restoration services in Marlborough, Westborough or Framingham, MA. We'll suck the remaining water out of your sprinkler system and get to work restoring your property in no time.

If you own a restaurant, storage facility, retail store or office, save our number today. You can reach us at 508-713-2652 any time you need water damage remediation services.

sprinkler head clean up and moisture damage restoration framingham ma

3 ways to tell whether you need water restoration services

Sometimes the signs aren't as obvious as an activated sprinkler system. If your property needs water damage restoration services, you're likely to notice a few red flags. For example, reach out to us ASAP if you:

1. Find wet spots or rot on your floors
2. Hear running water when your faucets are off
3. See peeling paint, damaged wallpaper or ceiling stains

Don't wait to get your property back in top shape - hire our remediation specialists today.