Mold Is a Serious Health Hazard

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You don't want to bathe in a bathroom with mold growing on the tiles or cook in a kitchen that has mold spreading beneath the sink. Prevent respiratory issues caused by mold with help from a mold removal company. Northeast Water Remediation, Inc. provides mold remediation service for homeowners in Marlborough, Westborough & Framingham, MA and the surrounding areas.

We'll inspect your property for signs of mold. If we find any, we'll start the mold remediation process ASAP.

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3 signs that you have a mold problem

If your home has ever flooded, there's a good chance that you have a mold problem. Here are a few common signs of mold infestations:

  • Musty odors around your home
  • Coughing, wheezing or watery eyes
  • Dark grout lines in your kitchen or bathroom

Don't wait until your mold problem gets worse. Reach out to us today to schedule mold remediation service.